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A Bold Presentation Of Jewish And World History
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Significant Events In Jewish And World History: Abraham to the Exodus.


Events in Bold Type are illustrated on the Time Line Display Of Jewish History

Years Before
The Common
1996 1764 Tower of Bavel (Babel) - Dispersion of Mankind (1)
2018 1742 "Brit Bain Habetorim" (Covenant between G-d and Abraham) (1)
2048 1712 Birth of Yitzchak (Isaac) (1)
2085 1675 "Akaidat Yitzchak" (Binding - near sacrifice of Yitzchak) (1)
2108 1652 Births of Ya'akov and Aisav (Jacob and Esau) (1)
2171 1589 Yitzchak blesses Ya'akov (1)
2192 1568 Ya'akov marries Rachel and Leah (1)
2216 1544 Yoseph (Joseph) sold by his brothers (1)
2229 1531 Yoseph becomes Egyptian viceroy (1)
2238 1522 Ya'akov and his family move to Egypt (1)
2255 1505 "P'tirah" (Death) of Ya'akov (1)
2309 1451 "P'tirah" (Death) of Yoseph (1)
2332 1428 "P'tirah" (Death) of Levi (Beginning of servitude in Egypt) (1)
2368 1392 Birth of Moshe (Moses) (1)
2418 1342 30,000 Jews from the tribe of Ephraim revolt, leave Egypt, and are massacred (3)
2448 1312 EXODUS FROM EGYPT - GIVING OF THE TORAH, Sin of the Golden Calf (1)

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