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You are about to be transported through Jewish and world history, as seen within the framework of Jewish traditional sources. We seek to capture, present, and preserve this model, enabling you to have a taste of history that is beyond the dry dates and facts.

We recognize a close link between G-d, the Torah, and the Jewish people. We also recognize that G-D has a role in both creation and the events of history. We freely present history within these contexts, providing a degree of meaning and direction for history of all Mankind.

Our sources are consistent with the Jewish Written and Oral Torahs. At times we draw upon the writings of the Kabbalistic literature, especially that of Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzatto.

There are many opinions regarding the dating of ancient historical events. We try our utmost to be consistent with traditional Jewish dates. We do not compromise upon the integrity of our sources and tradition.

As products of 20th century Western Civilization, we are accustomed to view life and events in a standard and popular way. We hope that this tour will help you to appreciate and take pride in the role of the Jewish people. We think that you will find the tour to be entertaining and most worthwhile.

  • While entertaining, the tour is non-secular and meaningful.
  • We think that you will find it to be a great tool for reference.

The tour will begin with the next page. The tour is quite exciting and intensive. You may want to spread it over several viewings.

Navigation And Tips:

The pages are organized in time line sequence.

The tour has several navigational aids and perspectives.

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When you see this button on bottom of the page, click on it to see a Time line graph. It provides high-level historical contexts for pages.

When you see this button on bottom of the page, click on it to see a list of significant dates and events, providing additional contexts.

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You are about to begin a truly bold and amazing journey.

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