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Covenants Between G-d and Abraham

Avraham's (Abraham's) family is singled out for a special role and relationship with G-d.

G-d will be bound to them and they will be bound to G-d.

Avraham is guaranteed by G-d that his children will eventually succeed in bringing the world to completion.

G-d reveals to him the mechanism by which this can be assured.

His children and those who join them must first remove the deformities imposed by Adam’s sin. They will be able to do this in a relatively short time if they exert themselves. However, if they fail to meet required levels of exertion, then they will be purged from the deformities by being forced to endure long-term suffering and difficulties. Afterwards, the experience will enhance their ability to bring the world to perfection.

[Dove]The initial period of suffering is to last for four-hundred years. Upon conclusion, Avraham’s descendants will become worthy of receiving the Torah, the greatest resource for achieving greatness and perfection.

Those who deliberately cause them to suffer will be severely punished and destroyed.

The slavery, the Exodus from Egypt, and the destruction of the Egyptian Empire were the world’s first experiences with this mechanism. This mechanism has been used many times in history since then.

Avraham is terror-stricken by the extent of the suffering that his children will have to endure. Nevertheless, he commits to the Covenant.

The rest of history can be understood in terms of a struggle for this Covenant. His children will be tested to behave in a manner that is consistent with the Covenant. The suffering that it imposes will tempt some of Avraham's descendants to give up.

Other people will be tempted to break Avraham's children away from the Covenant. Others will try to interfere with the process. Still others will claim the Covenant for themselves.

The Jewish and Arab people claim direct lineage from Avraham.

The Covenant Of Circumcision is kept by both peoples as a sacred ritual.

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