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Abraham & Sarah: Role Models For Civilization

G-d endows Avraham (Abraham) with wisdom and wealth. He eventually gets the respect and admiration of his entire generation.

The loyalty of Avraham and his wife Sarah towards G-d are legendary. They are also great activists for the comfort of their fellow man.

Avraham reaches out and lavishes hospitality upon all. He becomes a role model for loving-kindness. His actions inspire many people to believe that there is one G-d who loves and cares for all, despite the existence of evil in the world. They come to see that the evil in the world is partially a result of our own shortcomings, not from a power struggle between gods.

Avraham and Sarah work as a family team. Avraham teaches men about G-d and Sarah teaches the women.

Sarah is one of the greatest women prophets.

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