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Nimrod, The Tower Of Bavel And The Dispersion:
Year 1996, 1764 Years Before The Common Era.

Mankind initially lives as one nation.

Nimrod declares himself a god and he becomes a tyrant King. He uses religion as a political instrument to impose his domination and will upon the masses. In his role as a god, Nimrod  defines good and evil to suit his needs.

This type of exploitation will be repeated many times throughout history.

As a system, this is unfortunately self-perpetuating. For example, many Pharaohs were deified. We know that some of the Pharaohs practiced Monotheism in their private life and they rejected paganism. Yet, they were compelled to act in public as a god so as not to disrupt the local religious establishment and industries.

Nimrod leads Mankind in rebellion against G-d.

Nimrod denies that G-d is involved with the affairs of the world. He disassociates the flood as an act of G-d's will and as a consequence of Mankind’s behavior. He supports a theory which proposes that the Great Flood was a natural and predictable event. You see, the flood occurred 1656 years after Creation. Obviously, the Earth experiences sky quakes that occur in cycles of 1656 years and they cause floods. Nimrod commissions the construction of a huge tower to hold back the sky to protect civilization from the next eruption.

He also intends to install an idol at the top of this tower.

G-d intervenes and suddenly instills seventy languages within the world population. The civilized world can no longer freely communicate. The language barriers cause strife and frustration. The construction of the tower comes to a halt. Mankind disperses and develops into seventy nations.

(What do you think about the sky quake theory. Doesn't it sound silly? I wonder how the people of Nimrod’s time would have taken to the Theory of Evolution.)

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