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Abraham: The Father Of A Multitude Of Nations

Mankind as a whole is failing in its mission of self-perfection. History draws close to the two-thousand year mark.

G-d decides that it is best to remove the awesome responsibility for completing the world from most of Mankind . Instead, this task will be assigned to a small group of independent and dedicated individuals.[Hourglass]

This group will act in teamwork as a nation. They will be assured by G-d of receiving the management and support necessary to succeed in this mission, even if this takes most of the remaining four-thousand years of history. Those who are not a part of this nation can still have a small share in the work and in the rewards.

At the two-thousand mark, only one person is found worthy of founding this nation, Avraham (Abraham).

G-d communicates directly with Avraham and tests him ten times. Avraham passes every test. G-d makes him the founder of this special nation and of many other nations.

The rest of Mankind is not rejected or discarded. Individuals can join the nation if they want to, but no one has to. Within the rest of Mankind, some people will be tested by whether and how they support the effort. Others will be tested by whether and how they interfere with the effort.

Thus, Avraham rises in stature above Noah. He becomes the spiritual founder of the world.

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