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Turning The Other Cheek

[Lightening]Throughout history, untold millions of innocent people have lost their lives or their fortunes due to intentional malice of the wicked. They will be thoroughly avenged by G-d, Himself.

"For I lift My Hand up to the heaven and I swear by My Eternal Life. If I shall sharpen the flash of My sword and My Hand shall hold onto justice, for I will return vengeance to my oppressors and I will pay back My enemies. My arrows will be appeased with blood and My sword shall devour flesh, because of the blood of the slain and captives (of My nation), from the time the enemy began to make trouble. Sing you O nations about His nation (the Jewish people), for He will avenge the blood of His servants, and He shall return vengeance to His oppressors and His land shall atone for His people." (Deut. 32, 40-43.)

The phrase, "Turning the other cheek" is not referenced in the Torah. While Judaism encourages people to overlook, to forgive and forget the foibles of their fellows, this concept is not relevant when it comes to G-d, at least not within the above context.

Man is a responsible being. If consequence of acts do not have to be taken seriously, then G-d would have had no reason to create and maintain the world as we know it. Instead, we would have all been ‘born’ in heaven.

By design of the nature of Man, to fully derive benefit from doing good, Man has to be able to get into serious trouble for doing bad.

G-d does not want anybody to be destroyed. Yet He lets people get themselves destroyed if they so desire. He actively hopes that the wicked will repent before its too late.

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