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[Butterfly]Return After Death

The righteous will be revived from death during the Messianic period.

Most of Mankind will later be revived to stand in final judgment. G-d’s presence and control will no longer be concealed. All those who pass the judgment will live forever.

Judaism declares that nothing about this world is permanent, even death.

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Life Beyond Life

The Torah says little about life beyond the Messianic period.

We can gather that it in some ways it will be quite similar and in other ways it will be quite different than life today.

The Kabbalistic literature discusses a common architecture with which the world was both created and managed. Beyond the Messianic period, while we may be in a different state or states, this architecture will continue, so we will always keep our bearings.

For many people today, having seems more important than being. The future will be about being. For many people today, distraction from reality is pleasurable. It won’t be that way any more.

In a very good way, our minds will soar and our bodies will go along with the ride. In this world, mostly the reverse happens.

Every part of history and our former lives will finally make sense, very good sense. This realization will begin during the Messianic period. It will analyzed on a global basis, as well as an individual basis. That is, each one of us will see our role in the process of completion and we will also understand why every event within our former lives occurred.

Opportunity to make free-will choice of behavior ceases after death. The way we ‘go’ will be the way we stay. People who did not take life’s opportunities seriously will be partially and permanently disfunctional.

It is natural to be concerned and plan for every minute of our life in this world. Maybe we need to take some of this energy and invest it on what we can do to prepare for what will happen to us after this life.

Forever will last a long time.

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