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Selected Judaic Concepts About Man Relating With G-d

G-d is infinite, one, and does not change. We can know G-d only by what he does, not by what he is. He provided some means of our being able to relate to him.

G-d created (actually creates), sustains, and manages.

Through the Torah He provided a link to His greatness and a means to relate to this greatness. Prior to Sinai, Mankind generally had to obtain and maintain this link through the study of nature.

G-d provided intentions, goals, plans, resources, interfaces, and management that we can relate to and discuss.

In actuality G-d is not composite. He does not consist of parts or aspects. Yet, He provided a list of attributes which we can relate Him with to some degree.

G-d does not change. He is above and beyond time, as time is an awareness of change.

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