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 The Revelation Of G-d On Mount Sinai

G-d spoke directly to the Jewish people.

The Jewish faith is not based on a belief in miracles that were witnessed by a handful of people. Nor is it based on a belief in the words of a charismatic and persuasive personality who claims to be a prophet.

The significance of the Revelation can not be over-emphasized. It provides the Jewish religion with a real and indisputable foundation. It is unparalleled elsewhere.

Consider the following parable.

The head of a Chassidic dynasty died without leaving instructions as to which of his two sons should assume leadership. The children rivaled for the position, leaving the elders of the community in the middle. After some time, one of the sons called the elders together and announced that his father appeared to him in a dream. He asked him to assemble the elders and tell them in his name that this son was heir to the position.

An elder arose and responded. "If your father wanted us to appoint you, then he should have come to us in our dreams, not to you in your dreams."

[Mt. Sinai]

On Mount Sinai, G-d spoke directly to all of the people.

The people also heard G-d speak to Moshe (Moses).

It is now beyond any doubt that Moshe was G-d's true prophet.

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