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The First War: The War With Amalek

The Exodus provides the world with convincing evidence that G-d exists and that he is actively managing the world.

Egypt, the mightiest empire at the time, is stunned and then devastated by ten plagues that are predicted by the greatest prophet of all. Through Divine will, the Egyptians forget it all and go into the desert to chase the Jewish people, seeking to reclaim their slaves and belongings. Their army drives into a sea that suddenly splits open for the Jewish people. The Jewish people are saved and the entire Egyptian army drowns. Over two-million people are sustained in the desert. They are surrounded and shielded as they travel by an array of clouds. They have what to eat and drink in the barren wilderness.


"Well, maybe not so wow," says the nation of Amalek. This can all be explained by natural causes. Alas, Egypt has had some hard luck lately. Seas don’t split. Nonsense! There was, uhmm, an earthquake and hurricane. The Jews got lucky. The desert does seem to be foggy lately. Strange weather patterns. The Jews should soon be running out of the food and supplies that they took out of Egypt.

This is how the nation of Amalek wants to rationalize. Their real intention is to try to have the forces of evil overcome good and righteousness.

They appear on the scene and attack with an intention to destroy the Jewish people, since the irritating claims about G-d seem to center around them.[Fist]

Amalek is defeated but not destroyed. They will be used by G-d many times throughout history. Amalek and those who represent their ideology are to become the source of evil in the world, providing a force to counter-balance the message of the Jewish people. Thus Amalek has a negative role in order to enable free-will.

From now on, Mankind can deny G-d and His active management.

Amalek’s destruction, when G-d so desires it to happen, will be a part of the Messianic experience.

The time will come when everyone will recognize the existence and management of G-d.

In our most recent and devastating encounter with this evil force, some thirty-three centuries after their first attack, an adherent and perhaps an actual descendent of Amalek attempts mass genocide to rid the world of Jews, which he considers to be the source of conscience. A few decades later, some university professors will propose that the genocide never actually happened.

Look at this! They deny G-d, then they deny the Holocaust. What a demonstration of exercising free-will!

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