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RAMBAM: Year 4891, 1131 Common Era.

[Rambam]RAbbi Moshe Ben Maimon, known as the RAMBAM and also as Maimonides, is gifted with great wisdom and skills of communication. His greatest work is the Yad Hachazaka, a codification of the Oral Torah. It is written in clear, 'golden' Hebrew, is well organized for even the beginning student, and focuses on Jewish law as it is practiced. He authors many other important texts. World Jewry becomes reliant upon his insight and analysis of Jewish law.

The Rambam's life is filled with tragedies resulting from the persecutions of Islamic fundamentalists. At one point his parents are forced to flee Spain and with no safe place to live, seek refuge in a cave for several years.

The family migrates eastward in Islamic North Africa towards Palestine. They get as far as Egypt and can go no further, due to the Crusades and the resulting chaos in Palestine.

He studies medicine on his own and earns great recognition as a successful doctor. The Sultan appoints him to the office of Royal Physician.

To this day, many Jews recite at the end of their daily prayers his Thirteen Principles of Faith, derived from the Oral Torah. One can not be considered Torah Observant, nor can one fully practice Torah observance without subscribing to them.

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