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Will The Real Pharaoh Please Stand Up

The Egyptian hieroglyphics provide no mention of Joseph, the Jewish people, the Ten Plagues, or the Exodus.

For that matter, they hardly provide a record of any Egyptian downfall or defeat.

Despite the great detail of these events that is recorded in the Torah, their omission in the annals of general history is understandable. You see, ancient historians were on the Government payroll. Frequently, their boss was a selfish king or emperor who couldn't care less about the objective recording of truth for all posterity. In fact, the historian was dead man if his writings weren't written politely.

It was common for emperors to begin the civil calendar with their coronation or birthday. This makes investigative dating of certain historical periods very difficult and even controversial.

We do know that the Egyptian Empire experienced a period of great expansion and this began several hundred years prior to the Exodus. It's a good guess that Yosef was running the show at that time.

Based on the dates, it's also a good guess that the Ramses mummy that is on display in the British museum was one of the wicked Pharaohs who is mentioned in the Bible. He's a dwarf and this matches the description of Pharaoh in the Oral Torah.

By no means is historical bias limited to the writings of antiquity.

If you want some interesting reading, examine two texts on the American Revolution, one written for students in the USA and the other written for students in the United Kingdom, or even Canada.

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