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On To Har Nof

Imagine that we on an airplane that is about to land in Israel.

Upon our arrival we take a short bus ride from the Ben Gurion Air Port to a community called Har Nof. We head east.

The terrain is fairly level until we reach Sha’ar HaGai, where the highway penetrates the mountain range near Jerusalem. Listen as the bus shifts its gears as we climb, descend, and wind around the mountains.

We’re nearing Jerusalem. Up ahead is a bridge which forms an archway over the highway. I call it the "Gateway Of Jerusalem."

As we pass through, we catch a brief view of a distant mountain which is enwrapped by a forest and which is adorned with apartment buildings at its summit. That’s Har Nof.[Har Nof]

The road veers right and the summit is blocked by an adjacent mountain. When Har Nof comes back into view, we have before us a deep descent.

This descent will be our final descent. When we reach the bottom, we will begin our ascent to the elevation of Jerusalem.

Har Nof is Jerusalem’s western-most neighborhood. It’s not particularly known for anything other than being a place to live. It’s definitely not a tourist attraction.

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We're here. Let’s get out and walk around. Anyone falling over us to give a warm and embracing welcome? Nope. They’re pretty normal. Kids are playing; People are busy coming and going.

I have a book in my hand. I'm going to put it under this large rock. I now ask you to take on the role of an anthropologist.

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