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Anthropology 101.

[Hill]Let’s project ourselves three-thousand years into the future. The apartment buildings are long gone. Instead we see hills and dust.

We take out our shovels and pick-axes and begin to explore. After a long dig in the hot sun, someone announces a discovery. We drop everything and crowd around. He found this book.

This book is a 1995 Har Nof 'Madrich', or community telephone directory. Eureka!

We begin to read it. What type of people used to live here? What were they like? What clues does it contain?

There are three-thousand names, addresses, and phone numbers. It full of ads. Here’s a map!

We find sixteen pages of communal service organizations. Some are affiliated with national organizations. Some are local.

We turn to page 51, listings of Gemachs, or charity/service organizations. Each listing contains a description of a Gemach with a point of contact. They are all managed by individuals who have volunteered to provide and manage a needed service or item that other people need.

I now present you with the listing of this section. I’ll read only the headings.

The Phone Book:

Artificial Flower Gemachs - two listings

Baby Related Gemachs

  • Baby Equipment Gemach.
  • Baby Food/Bottle/Pacifier Gemachs - four listings.
  • Brit (Circumcision) Outfit/Cushion/Chair Gemachs - six listings.
  • Carriage Gemach.
  • Crib Gemach - eleven listings.

Clothing Gemachs

  • General Clothing - four listings.
  • Shoe Gemach - two listings.
  • Women’s Clothing.

Interest-Free Loan Gemachs - seven listings.

Medical Related Gemachs.

  • Blood Pressure Gemach ("A certified nurse will take your blood pressure for free. Call …)For Babies Who Need Special Medical Equipment
  • Inhalator and Vaporizer Gemach
  • Medicine Gemachs - six listings.
  • Sewing Pattern Gemachs - two listings.

Simcha (Celebration/Affair) Equipment Gemachs

  • Bench And Chair Gemach
  • Chair And Tablecloth Gemach
  • Dishes Gemach.
  • Lighting Gemach.
  • Music Gemach.
  • Simcha Gemach (Most of the above) - two listings.
  • Sound System And Lighting Gemach.
  • Table Gemach.
  • Table And Bench Gemach - two listings
  • Tablecloth Gemach - two listings.

Tape And Book Gemachs - nine listings.

Tefilin And Mezuzot (Religious articles) Gemachs - three listings.

Tool Gemachs - three listings.

Wedding Gemachs

  • Bridal Veil Gemach.
  • Bride’s Parasol Gemach.
  • Wedding Dress Gemach - two listings.

Miscellaneous Gemachs.

  • Apartment Rental Gemach.
  • Collection Of Unwanted Items Gemach.
  • Electric Curlers Gemach
  • Film (Instructing Kosher Food Preparation) Gemach.
  • Folding Bed And Shabbos Hotplate Gemach.
  • Guests Gemach.
  • Income Tax Advice Gemach.
  • Mattress Gemach - two listings.
  • People Available For Housework Employment Gemach..
  • Water-Urn Gemach.
  • Women’s Wig Gemach.
  • Wrist Band Gemach.
  • Xerox Gemach

[Glow]We’re at the bottom of page 57.

Say, can you see a glow in the dark?

[Blue Border]

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