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New Worlds

Mercantilism and a growing network of global commerce open up new economic and social capabilities as Feudalism becomes broken. As fragments of the globe become glued together, Jews ironically become important components in the process, as they are dispersed throughout the world and they have a common language.

[Ship]The port city of Amsterdam hosts a large Jewish community and is bustling.

Cromwell expels the Jews. Strike two for England. -- Strike one was in 1290.

The Mayflower lands on Plymouth Rock (USA) in 1620, ushering in a new domain of religious freedom. The settlers are undecided on the official language to be spoken in the New World. Some want it to be Hebrew. They take a vote. English wins.

They day shall come when the English will lose in America. (Do you think that there may be a connection, Mr. Cromwell? I am sure that by then you will be preoccupied with other matters.)

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