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France undergoes revolution and change in the late eighteenth century. Napoleon eventually comes to power and establishes political stability.

Napoleon has an aura of invincibility. He champions equality and tolerance. He seeks to customize the entire world to match his views.

Napoleon doesn't mind Jews and they can enjoy the benefits of Western civilization, just as long as they look and behave like Frenchmen. He seeks to use his position and power to prod his Jewish subjects to assimilate.

He convenes a gathering of Jewish notables and provides them with a list of issues to resolve. The assembled know the answers that Napoleon wants to hear. He plans to use them to justify governmental policies that encourage assimilation. The gathering of notables is called a Sanhedrin, named after the Jewish supreme court of the Temple period.

They issue a medal in honor of the occasion. It depicts Napoleon bearing the Tablets of the Ten Commandments.

Napoleon puts his gun sights on Russia. He invades, but the big bear is too much for him.

Russia becomes fascinated with French culture and develops a great affinity for it. The Russian Czar has his laundry done in Paris.

Western ideas gain a foothold in Eastern Europe. East European Jewry is about to be tested.

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