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The Messiah Problem

The Torah provides detail about a wonderful and consoling period in our future history. The stresses and afflictions which now distract Mankind from practicing the instructions for living as prescribed in the Torah will disappear. Everyone will cooperate. There will be real peace in all senses of the word.[Talker]

Glimpses of this era were provided to the prophets and recorded in the Bible for all to see. The prophecies were very much needed as they provided hope and encouragement to the Jewish people and enabled them to endure the hardships of a long and difficult history. Without the consoling views of the future, the Jewish people would have given up long ago.

Now, G-d wants many different types of people in this world. Some people are gifted with talents of charisma and verbal persuasion. Also, Man’s free-will must be maintained up to at least the time of the Messianic period. As stated previously, the maintenance of free-will is actively managed by G-d. So, people must be able to use their talents to do good or bad. People are even free to talk themselves into believing that a bad thing is good.

Throughout history a lot of people have really have wanted the Messiah to come already. It’s a huge market.

The potential therefore exists for either well-meaning or corrupted people to exploit large masses of the population with false Messianic schemes.

How can Mankind be shielded from this fraud?

Solution: In His genius, G-d specifies in the Torah what the Messiah must do. Promises or claims won’t work.

Without G-d’s help, the falsifiers will fail to meet the requirements. The person who meets them will win.

And here is the job description.

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