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Required Achievements Of The Messiah

Translated from Maimonides’ Yad HaChazakah; Judges; Laws Of Kings; Chapter 11.

(1) "The Messianic King will arise in the future and restore the Kingdom of David to its original rule. He will build the Temple and he will gather the dispersed of Israel (into the Land). All of the Torah’s legal institutions shall be restored to functionality as they were in times of old. Sacrifices shall be brought (again). The Sabbatical and Jubilee periods shall be observed as prescribed in the Torah. …"

(3) "Do not think that the Messianic King must perform miracles (to establish his identity) or to create new happenings or revive the dead. This is simply not true. …"

(4) "If a king from the House of David (arises) who toils in Torah study and is careful in Torah observance like David his ancestor, according to both the Written and the Oral Torah. And if He forces all of Jewry to be fully Torah observant, repairing the breaches of law. And if he performs battle in the Wars of G-d, then it can be assumed that he is the Messiah. If then he is successful and rebuilds the Temple in its proper location and if he gathers the dispersed of Israel, then it is for certain that he is the Messiah. He will repair all (of the society) of Mankind to serve G-d in unison as it is foretold, "For then shall I turn to the nations with clear speech, calling to them in the Name Of G-d, to serve Him with common shoulder." 

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