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During and Beyond the Messianic Period

[Soldier]The Final Disaster:

The scriptures which deal with the Messianic period allude to a massive Holocaust which will be directed at those who seek to harm the Jewish people and frustrate the plan of creation.

A leader of this movement is referenced by the name Gog. His nation is referenced by the name Magog.

Despite the fact that Mankind will recognize the existence and control of G-d during the Messianic period, Gog will attempt to wage war against G-d Himself.

A description of his destruction which is foretold over two-thousand years ago bears a strong resemblance to a nuclear experience (Zacharia 14,12).

To us, it is a source of amazement that people will be able to exercise free-will and act so foolishly during that special period in history.

We can imagine that the people who lived during the year 1748 would have been amazed had they been told that in two-hundred years a sovereign State of Israel would be declared, huge masses of the Jewish people would move there, and yet there would still be free-will choice for man to do good or bad.

It’s all a matter how G-d permits the events to unfold. 

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