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The Family Of Israel - The Nation Of Israel

Yisrael (Jacob) and his family return to the Land of Israel. The time draws near for the Egyptian Exile to begin.

[Sheep]Yoseph's (Joseph's) brothers mistakenly suspected him of aspiring to dominate the family and eventually become sole heir to the heritage of the Covenant.

Their judgment appears to have been affected by jealousy. Perhaps as a result of this fault, their descendants will be tested many times with brotherly infighting.

From the brother's distorted perspective they act in self-defense and sell Yosef into Egyptian slavery. They make it appear to their father as though Yosef was killed by a wild animal. Yisrael is bereaved and mourns over Yosef for the next twenty-two years. [Sheep]

Yosef is isolated from his family and their support. He fends off assimilation and remains devoted to Jewish practice, despite great physical and emotional hardships.

An Egyptian woman tries to entice Yosef but he refuses her company and remains steadfast to his family's high moral values. She denounces him and Yosef winds up in a dungeon

[Sheep]Nobody in his family knows where he is. Yosef sees no way out and it really looks hopeless. He is very lonely.

G-d manipulates events in a hidden manner. G-d is in full control, as always.

Yosef, a slave and a convict, is suddenly brought before Pharaoh to interpret the monarch's dreams. He predicts a great famine. He suggests that they commission someone to help the nation prepare for this catastrophe. They like Yosef and Pharaoh appoints him Viceroy over Egypt, second only to Pharaoh himself.

For the next seven years the entire country prepares for the famine that Yosef predicted. Incredible.[Sheep]

The famine occurs, right on time. His brothers come to Egypt to purchase food. They prostrate themselves before the Viceroy, not knowing that it's Yosef.

Yosef reveals himself when he sees that his brothers regret what they did.

The family relocates to Egypt where Yosef can support them for the rest of the famine. The aging Yisrael thanks G-d who made him live to embrace Yosef once more.

[Sheep]Thus, Yosef comes to dominate the family, but only in a positive way.

Prior to the family's arrival, Yisrael sends his son Yehuda (Judah) ahead to set up a place for study. The preservation of Jewish scholarship is a necessary requirement for Jewish survival.

Before his death, Yisrael requests to be buried in the holy Land of Israel.

Today, many people seek to be buried in Israel

Four great couples are buried in cave of Chevron (Hebron). They are: Adam and Chava (Eve), Avraham (Abraham) and Sarah, Yitzchok (Isaac) and Rivka (Rebecca), Yisrael and Leah.[Sheep]

Rachel, mother of Yosef and Benyamin (Benjamin), is buried in Bais Lechem (Bethlehem).

Chevron (Hebron) and Bais Lechem are today holy sites for prayer. For the past thirty-three centuries these ancient cities have had great meaning for the Jewish people.

The family of Yisrael sinks roots in Egypt. They become a nation. Over time, many begin to assimilate.

G-d maintains their course towards perfection and they suddenly become deeply and bitterly enslaved. Their last eighty years in Egypt are awful. This will become one in a series of purges from spiritual deformity.

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