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 Your Encounter With The Jewish People

This pretty much brings us up to today. Before we go any further, I’d like you to meet some Jewish people.

You may be Jewish or you probably know someone who is.

What does being "Jewish" mean to you? What are your experiences? We’re a chosen people. What does this mean to you today?

Well, I’m sure you’ve found out by now that we don’t glow in the dark. We’re a subset of Mankind, subject to the same foibles as anyone other people. The doctors can’t tell us apart.

The Torah was written for humans, not for angels. If a person becomes Jewish or Torah observant, you probably won’t witness a sudden caterpillar-to-butterfly transformation.

Sally is now Sarah. She now participates in a Covenant that was made over thirty-three centuries ago.

And what else? For one thing, Sarah now subscribes to a well-defined set of standards, values, and ethics. These days, that’s an accomplishment. But, how long does it take before they have a measurable effect on her. Months? Years? Decades? Perhaps.

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[Cloud With Sun]A Quest For Some Shine

The Jewish people have been through some rough times, especially in recent years. Our ranks have been decimated by the physical holocaust of the 1940’s.

The tragedy continues today in a different dimension, as our ranks are being decimated through misinformation, alienation, apathy, assimilation, and intermarriage, caused mainly by ignorance and the resulting lack of appreciation for being and acting like a Jew. As we approach the Messianic period we look for signs of growth, and thank G-d there are many.

The influence of the Torah shines through the Jewish people. You just have to know where and how to look for it.

I found some shine for you to see. It is by no means exclusive.

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