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A comparison between the chronologies of traditional Judaism and that of the popular convention (Jewish secular and Non-Jewish historians) reveals a difference of almost two-hundred years during the Assyrian and Median/Persian Empires. For instance, the World Book places the Cyrus' conquest of Babylon at the year 539 B.C.E. According to our records, the Babylonians (actually pre-Babylonians) were alive and well in 539, for we place their destruction of our First Temple at the year 422 B.C.E.

The further back one goes in history, the more one finds differing opinions as to what happened and when. No one alive today ever saw a Babylonian. Those of us who are not scholars must rely upon the findings of scholars who base their views on tradition and/or scientific research and discovery.

The Jewish-traditional chronology provides great detail on the events which occurred during in the first two millennium It results from, and therefore dovetails with, the dates and events recorded in the Bible, the Jewish people's most respected and reliable possession.

The Jewish tradition does have an excellent track record.

New discoveries are always being made and the world of the scientist is constantly changing. We will leave it to the scientists to correlate and/or adjust their theories to the world of the Torah, as they have done so frequently in the past.

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