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Construction Of The Second Temple: Year 3408, 352 Years Before The Common Era.

Many Jews make the journey from Babylon to Israel to reclaim the land of their forefathers. Most remained in the exile.

[Altar]The Second Temple is built under the guidance of the last of the prophets. It stands for 420 years and is destroyed by the Roman Empire.

The Jewish people have a tradition that the Third Temple, to be built during the Messianic Era, will never be destroyed.

The site of the three Temples is Mount Moriah, in Jerusalem, the precise location where Adam, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob worshipped G-d. Because of its sanctity and because we lack requirements for ritual purification, the Jewish people are forbidden by the Torah to enter this area. The Temple Mount is currently under Arab control and responsibility. However, we are permitted to approach its perimeter and today our most sacred place of worship is the Western Wall. According to tradition, the Western Wall was built from the donations of the poor.

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