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Destruction Of The Second Temple: Year 3828, 68 Common Era

[Fire]The kings from the house of Herod lead a strife-ridden nation. Most of the Herodian kings are responsible for increased corruption.

Rome intensifies its vise grip. Radical groups led by the unlearned declare that nationalism and independence from Rome are values worth dying for. They hurl Jerusalem into direct confrontation with the Empire. The Torah scholars plead for the people to accept the yoke of Rome. The masses are caught in the middle.

The founder of Christianity lives during the final years of the Second Temple. His teachings are not consistent with the Oral Torah and are therefore not accepted. However, they eventually make their way to the Pagan world and are used to establish another religion. A number of other alternate movements spring up during this traumatic period, too. They are small and none survive the test of time within the Jewish people.

Christianity declares itself heir to the destiny of Israel. The Written Torah is incorporated within their scriptures without being completely binding. For example, Christianity does not require its adherents to eat Kosher food or to fast on Yom Kippur. This approach to the Torah will be later imitated by certain break-away groups within the Jewish people themselves.

The Second Temple is destroyed by the Roman Empire. Titus builds his memorial Arch of Triumph and it stands in Rome to this day.

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