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The Dispersion Of The Jewish People

Purpose And Significance

"And I shall scatter you amongst the Nations" (Lev. 26,33)

[Scatter]The survival of the Jewish people and their steadfast observance of the Written and Oral Torahs are key to the world heading towards completion. They are vital for the spiritual and thereby to the physical welfare of all of Mankind, as G-d’s relationship to the physical welfare is dependent almost entirely upon the spiritual behavior of the Jewish people.

On the surface, the prophecy of dispersion appears to be counterproductive, for a landless and scattered people are prone to the effects of assimilation and may thereby disappear.

Also, we need to understand this phenomena within the context of a G-d that has stated his commitment to the Jewish people. Given His commitment to maintain the existence of Jewish people for all of history, and given that the dispersion will only make this job more difficult, why let it happen?

We can best understand this prophecy when we recognize a side benefit that results when the Jewish people live in accordance with the Torah. By living an ideal Torah life they serve as a positive role model for the rest of Mankind.

Additionally, the Kabbala teaches that Torah observance has a positive effect on the world.

Using their ability to make free-will choice, it is up to the Jewish people to define the way in which they are to serve in these roles. If they wish to remain together on their land, then they must work hard to achieve a high degree of perfection, collectively producing an environment which can provide influence from afar, to all of Mankind. If, however, they do not exert themselves sufficiently to achieve the needed perfection on their land, then they must go forth and have closer contact to have an effect on all of Mankind.

The dispersion will also make things more difficult for the Jewish people to have a pure Torah life. The greater the difficulty, the greater the benefit and purification. If they fail to exert themselves on their land, they will have to work harder in the exile.

Either way, the world moves toward completion.

We can therefore view this as not a mere dispersion. Rather, the Jewish people are distributed by G-d throughout the world to inspire Mankind so that they may appreciate and benefit from Torah values and life. Moreover, the dispersion is not merely a punishment. Rather, it is a work and development environment that is the result of the Jewish people’s free-will choice.

Mechanisms Of Dispersion[Scatter]

The mechanisms of dispersion are push and pull.

Jews are pushed out by persecution and exile. Some are pulled into other lands by captivity. Some are lured by hopes of religious tolerance or chances to make a better living. Sometimes, Jews are even invited into other lands and kingdoms.

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