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Birth Of Noah:
Year 1056, 2704 years Before The Common Era

[Farm Tool]Our sources record that Noah invented farming tools.

Initially, G-d provides Mankind with a relatively long life expectancy. People live for hundreds of years. They are able to cause a great degree of either perfection or corruption.

Mankind is failing. G-d reduces Man's lifetime expectancy, thereby reducing both Man’s ability and his culpability.

Mankind corrupts society and his environment. The time-line to perfection continues to be redefined.

One-third of civilization perishes during a massive flood. Mankind is not humbled and the downslide continues.

G-d decides to give current state of affairs another one-hundred-twenty years. G-d determines that Noah is the only person from which there is hope for civilization to either correct itself or become rebuilt. G-d directs him to construct a large boat to withstand a great flood.

Rather than taking heed from the dire prediction, society turns Noah and the construction project into a laughing stock.

Violence and extortion become commonplace.

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Illustration: Early Farming Tool.

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